Matthew Harris (glowing_fish) wrote,
Matthew Harris

Cocooning: A History

I just bought myself a box of chocolate fudge covered Oreos, and am about ready to eat Oreos and internet and ignore the world and gradually get rid of my hangover. My vacation has been kind of slow, other than my trip up Cerro San Cristobal to see the tarantulas.

Anyway! I have a long history of doing this, of having periods where I basically cocoon and stare at a screen and don't think about the outside world. I often romanticize those periods afterwards, thinking of them as meditative, stress-free periods where I allow my mind to be untouched by what is going on outside. While I am in them, though, they often seem stressful, with me feeling I should do more and balancing boredom and anxiety. Such is now, really. I feel I should be doing something but don't want to, and don't even have the concentration to fulfill my goal of watching The Regular Show.

Periods of cocooning like this are probably best when there is some type of nascent thought or experience going on, under the surface. And maybe one is...I am not sure. My mind feels scattered.

All the cookies and Heroes of Might and Magic II in the world might not change that.
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