Matthew Harris (glowing_fish) wrote,
Matthew Harris

First Half-Century of the year

Yesterday, I rode my first half-century of the year. It was mostly on a flat path, with probably under 1000 feet of total climbing. I got a chance to see some rivers, and go further from my house than I have been since January. I am not that sore today, although I am nicely tired. It did take me a while: I left before noon and got back after 6, which would give me an average speed of less than 10 mph, besides there was several extended breaks in the middle.

Riding makes me feel good. It is something I can accomplish. It is bragworthy.

Speaking of accomplishments: my time table is slipping. I still want to apply for all the pool openings available at community colleges in Oregon and Washington, but so far I have only managed a half-dozen. This is the main thing I am driving on. I keep on telling myself that I am going to have a day when I go through a bunch of applications, then read a bunch of books, answer mail, do paperwork...and wake up the next morning in a new world. But it doesn't seem to happen that way for me. But I get a little more done every day.
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