Matthew Harris (glowing_fish) wrote,
Matthew Harris

I am employed...maybe

Well, I have filled the internet in on the good news.

I am employed.

Well, not really. Kind of.
I got an e-Mail today saying I was "approved to teach ABE/GED" I am not hired for a job, just approved for it. Apparently, what this means, is that once a class opens up, I get hired. Although I might have to pass a second round of interviews.

Its a big weight off my mind, because there is this fear that I've been doing things so totally wrong there is not a chance that I will get hired. What if my resume is totally ridiculous? What if I actually have a SWEAR WORD in my resume I didn't know about? What if my background is so checkered that no one will ever even consider me? So now all those worries are gone, although the actual logistics of this job are still quite questionable.

So yeah, the month is getting better.
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