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    Thursday, November 20th, 2014
    2:13 am
    Snowed in
    It was supposed to warm up this week, up into the 40s, for a few days. It has put off doing that for two days, and now it looks like the thaw won't come before the next storm is set to arrive, this weekend.

    There isn't actually much snow on the ground, it only snowed one to three inches. But it is persistent. Usually, in the middle of the day, even when the temperature is in the teens, the snow will start to melt from direct radiation, especially close to a black object. But this stayed a week before that happened, and even today, it only achieved tentative melting.

    What I've been doing inside: playing a text-based browser game that goes verrrry slowly, and maybe sometime pretending to read a book or two. I am okay with things, for now.
    Friday, November 14th, 2014
    2:35 pm
    Before the winter came:
    I came back here in the middle of October. I left in September, when summer was just fading. After I came back, it was cold, but we did actually have an autumn this year, which isn't always guaranteed.

    Before the snows came, I did have about two or three weeks of this:
    Thursday, November 13th, 2014
    1:50 pm
    Hard winter is here
    Last week at this time, it was drizzly and cold.
    About Sunday or Monday, a big blast of air came in from the North, bringing with it a few inches of snow, and dropping the temperature down to -5F at night and only around 10F in the day time. With this type of weather, my activities are kind of limited, because its not like I can really spend much time outdoors!

    This is the hard winter. There will be breaks where it might get some combination of sunny and warm again, but the combination of cold and dark will probably last until February. So what do I do during this time?

    Well, that is a good question.
    Monday, November 10th, 2014
    2:40 am
    Has Doctor Who changed? Because it doesn't change me.
    I should say a few words about Doctor Who, because for one thing that is a thing that everyone on the internet has thoughts about.

    I don't know if Doctor Who has changed. There is a lot of complaints about Moffat, both for the problematics of what he is doing, and also for the fact that his stories are thick with illogic. I do have to admit that his stories have been wearing on me, that I am not feeling them like I used to. When I first started watching Doctor Who, in the summer of 2011, I watched five episodes in a row with my friend and I was enrapt. Now? Not so much.

    I just might have passed the point of diminishing returns. Doctor, quirky, old, humane yet capable of violence, drops into a tense situation and after getting captured or confused, suddenly solves it with lateral thinking or insight into human nature. Lots of funny dialog. Sometimes speeches.

    What else can they do with this?
    2:31 am
    Snow falling slow to the sound of the master...
    I looked and saw that I haven't posted anything for a week. Or longer.

    Not much is going on. It is snowing, again. Looks like the snowlock is going to happen soon.

    A couple of my plans are happening. It does look like my eyes are falling a bit off the prize, I am back to living in the day to day, thinking of finishing books and shuffling paper, and not thinking of...what will really make me happy. Ah well. That is sometimes the way things work.

    ...tomorrow, I might post pictures of snow.
    Thursday, October 30th, 2014
    2:11 am
    I am distracted and my attention span is shredded. What to do about that?
    My current guess is:

    Stay off the internet for a while.
    Sunday, October 26th, 2014
    2:23 pm
    I am afraid of running out of steam
    When I got back from my trip, I had seen a lot of the country and it really made me feel positive about the future because I had my blinders off and I was realizing the world had a lot to offer me.
    (That part is pretty self-explanatory).
    Since coming back, I have been taking steps to move on with my life, although those are still small steps. The main thing I am doing now is getting rid of things, giving away books, shredding old paper, and the like. But I am afraid of losing steam and ending up trapped here again.
    Today I had a headache but got up and cleaned my room and ended up shredding a destroyed book. I guess this is how I move forward. I will see at the end of November whether these little steps have gotten me anywhere.
    Tuesday, October 21st, 2014
    12:41 am
    The intermediate future:
    The time on my trip seems to take place in an alternate dimension. Two weeks ago, I was in Denton, Texas. That isn't even a real thing. Trip time and real life time are totally separate things! Besides, why does this get to be "real life"?

    But I am moving into "real life" mode, even though I have yet to finish uploading my trip pictures to Facebook.

    My real life plans are to continue to get rid of stuff. Through the winter, I will give away stuff here until I am ready to move. In the spring, I am moving. I don't know where. I am seriously considering moving to New York, Denver, Portland...well, there are a lot of possibilities. I think once I make a decision, the money and logistics will not be an issue.
    Saturday, October 18th, 2014
    9:45 pm
    I'm back home, I am kind of bored, and I am wondering about LJ
    Hello LJ!

    So I successfully completed my trip, taking the last leg as Portland->Whitefish->Missoula->Hamilton.

    Penultimate night in Missoula I "celebrated" the end of my trip by going to Taco Bell and...getting three different seven layer burritos, and eating all of them. Chomp chomp chomp. And now home. Today is Saturday. I've been home four days now.

    I was thinking that a thirty day trip across the country where I got to see a sizable amount of the country and got to exhaust myself, that I would enjoy a couple days of comfortably doing nothing. But nope, I am already getting bored. Today I bicycled into town to see the last Farmer's Market in Hamilton, something I had trouble feeling any resonance with. Then I walked by the river. Montana in the autumn can be beautiful, but again, no resonance.

    I am moving forward with my plans to reduce excess possessions until it is time to move out: I have three boxes of books to bring up to Missoula this Monday. But still no solid plan for the future.

    And as for LJ...well, the response rate on here has really gone down, even when I had something to talk about (my trip). I feel like doing away with LJ, but...I don't know what would replace it.
    Monday, October 13th, 2014
    1:01 am
    Catching up with me
    This trip is catching up with me.
    I guess that isn't a surprise. It has been a while.
    Portland is also catching up with me because here I am not a tourist, I have...ties. But soon, tomorrow, this phase will shift. Time to go home.

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    Wednesday, October 8th, 2014
    10:14 am
    Layover in Denver
    The train is stopped on the rails in Denver. Apparently there is trackwork ahead. It is three hours, which is a long time but not long enough to do anything.

    But I am not complaining, soon I will be home.

    Also, I like Denver. It is clean and modern and I like having cool crisp air again.

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    Monday, October 6th, 2014
    1:14 pm
    I visited Texas
    I visited Texas. In fact, I am still visiting Texas but my visiting currently consists of waiting in the train station. Train gets here in 70 minutes. I am tired and it's hot out and downtown Dallas doesn't have much to see so...I am just here in the station waiting for the train. Wait wait wait. I must admit that at this point in the trip I am mostly wanting to get home. The biggest thing I am looking forward to now is the mountains of Colorado. I will only spend a few hours in California. Then Portland, then home, then sitting still, and posting a bunch of stuff to the Internet. 8 or 9 days until home. Where was I 8 or 9 days ago? Portland Maine? Seems like a long time ago. Wow. Okay. Typing over.

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    Friday, October 3rd, 2014
    5:35 pm
    Midwest is hypnotic
    Once I got back to riding "Western" routes, the trip got easier. Mississippi and Illinois are pretty hypnotic, and there has been less busy stations and hasty transfers. I am starting to get into a groove and feel like I could do this forever. Only, by forever, I mean for another 12 days.

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    Wednesday, October 1st, 2014
    7:48 am
    Easy riding
    I am riding a train through Georgia now. After two tiring days and a truncated night sleeping on the train, I slept very well on the train and am feeling pleasantly restful. I don't have anything to do tonight but look out the window until I get to New Orleans sometime this evening.

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    Tuesday, September 30th, 2014
    6:39 am
    Perhaps the nadir?
    So I am 14 days out of 30 into this trip. I am currently sitting on a park bench in the National Mall, having been in D.C. for 90 minutes and wondering what to do with the next 9 hours until my train leaves for New Orleans. I am also a bit itchy and sweaty, having last showered 24 hours ago in Portland Maine and having walked around Portland and Boston since then. I slept on the train, which was better than it could have been but which was far from a full night's restful sleep.

    I also miss my Portland hostess. :(

    I am sure D.C. Is great and I will have fun walking around the mall but...well I've seen a lot and now what I want is mostly a shower. Such a spoilsport! But also, after today I should be leaving the East Coast and won't have any more long layovers. So everything should start getting easier. :)

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    Saturday, September 27th, 2014
    11:53 am
    Log rolling, Portland
    Did I mention I am in Portland? Because I am. I've been here since Tuesday night. I've seen a lot around Portland! Took the ferry, walked around, are some hummus.

    I am still doing the log rolling. I am upright and enjoying myself, but I also know that if I stop my physical and mental motion, I get dumped. I am in a process of constant motion and adjustment. And that will be the case for another two weeks. I am not quite half done.

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    Tuesday, September 23rd, 2014
    9:12 am
    It would be hard to sum up New York...
    I've been in New York for...three full days now, and I have today and tomorrow before leaving Thursday to go to Maine.
    It is pretty hard to sum up being in Brooklyn! Like right now I am honestly trying to remember if something happened Sunday or Monday. No wait it was Monday---the book festival. It's been busy and each day has brought something new. Hmmm...what else? Right now I am really tired. And even though I do like it here, I am also looking forward to the calmer climes of Maine.

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    Friday, September 19th, 2014
    10:08 pm
    Being in New York City is kind of like being on a ship. It doesn't rest easily on the land, It perches precariously and thrown together.

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    Thursday, September 18th, 2014
    12:36 pm
    I like Wisconsin.
    I hope that no one is disappointed that I haven't been giving daily updates of my trip. Right now I have been on the train a little less than 40 hours and I've had the run of emotions. Sometimes I feel like I am on my life adventure. Other times I feel like I've just done something really stupid. Mostly I look out the window and wait for the next stop.

    Right now I am in Wisconsin which is nice but also confusing. The train is on time, which is nice. I am spending 5 hours in Chicago, waiting for the Lake Shore Express.

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    Tuesday, September 16th, 2014
    10:18 am
    Today is the day that I leave!
    Today is the day that I leave. Can't deny that I am at least a little anxious! Luckily I am too tired to think about everything, I am just thinking about things an hour at a time. Right now that means finding matching socks to pack, and getting my second cup of tea to work.

    Welp. I don't know what else to say. I will be phone posting on here for a while, it seems.
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